Who We Are

Feel-good gifting for all occasions.

Here at Hamper World, we want to make the world of difference to gifting. We believe that the experience of purchasing gifts and hampers online should be convenient, classy and socially conscious.

Our inspiration.

Like you, we live fast-paced lives where work and everyday demands deplete our time. When a birthday, wedding, anniversary – or any other special occasion came up – we found that we simply did not always have the luxury of time to scour several shops in search of a gift as special as the person the gift was for.

We’d either default to an old faithful “go-to” gift – which meant giving dad yet another tie – or felt forced to buy a completely unimaginative gift basket.

We wanted to create a service that offered something meaningful to both the purchaser and the recipient. A service that made gift-giving fun.

Hamper World Was born.

What we do.

We get out in the field and find new, unique items. The sort of things we want to buy and receive. Items with personality or a story to them. Goodies that can be used, enjoyed, and offer a fresh spin on gift giving. And we have had loads of fun doing it too.

We not only find rare gems, but we also try to support small local businesses by giving them the exposure they deserve. Our service helps to showcase and distribute brands that are truly doing amazing things. We love promoting them and the fine minds behind them.

Our focus is on responsible, sustainable brands. We’re particularly proud of the animal and earth friendly products we’ve sourced. But, from time to time we find a few remarkable goods that may be commercially produced too. In those instances, we’ll do some digging to see if we endorse their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Who are we?

We’re just a few folks who want to deliver crates and beautiful boxes of happiness. It’s really all about you and the special person in your life.

Oh, we’re also the personal testers. Yup, we’ve sampled all the merchandise we sell. Our reviews are authentic, and we stand behind every item listed on this site. This is also how we devised our hamper’s product pairings – organising real taste tests, from real people with real opinions. So don’t just take our word for it, our circle of Guinea pigs are brutally honest when they evaluate new ranges.

Enough about us though, we want to know more about you.

Our business would not exist if it were not for you. Please feel free to help us on our mission of providing niche, interesting, must-haves. Tell us about:

  • Upcoming occasions that need a fitting gift
  • Personalities you would like gift ideas for
  • Items you’ve always wanted but just can’t find
  • The [Hamper] World is your oyster! Put your gift-giving conundrum forward, and we won’t rest until we find the perfect solution.

What else should I know?

With Hamper World, you can always be assured of complete transparency.

Please take note of the following points to ensure that all your expectations are met:

  • For your safety, please note that all our consumables are produced in factories where nuts are present.
  • All foodstuffs are pre-packed on arrival from our suppliers, whose production lines have been scrupulously investigated. This means that no hands at Hamper World will ever have direct contact with your edibles.
  • As our service is national, delivery can take up to three (3) days. Lead times will be specified at checkout.
  • We employ the strictest standards of storage and temperature control – even in delivery – to ensure that you, or your recipient, will receive our products in good order.

We promise to keep evolving.

We want to be South Africa’s leading online gifting service. We’re committed to constantly scouting the market for fresh, new, and outstanding options.

To keep providing premium service and products, we listen to our customers. Keep us at the top of our game!

We love feedback, suggestions, questions and comments. Don’t be afraid to point out if we’ve missed the mark. If at any stage you are dissatisfied, please let us know so that we can correct it.